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Printer support:

A printer can now be found in almost every home and is an important part of a home computing environment. Most credit goes to digital cameras and photography since you can now click your pictures and print them out at home. With the wide range of photo printers available which can produce prints almost close to studio quality images and various software available to help home users edit and create masterpieces on their own.

Home Offices also deserve credit for boosting up the use of entry level laser printers.

Wireless networking and network printer sharing have made it convenient to use the printer from anywhere in the home and office network.

But all this can get very confusing to set-up for the end user. Don't worry; Geeks Techs can help you in making it convenient through our expertise in the set-up and hassle-free use of printers on personal computers and over the network as a shared resource. Call Geeks Techs@ 1-800-705-0186 for help.

We provide all of the following:

  • All-In-One Printer Support.
  • Inkjet Printer Support.
  • Laser Printer Support.
  • Photo Printer Support.
  • Portable Printer Support.
  • Advanced Router Troubleshooting.
  • Wireless Printer Support.
  • Network Printer Support.
  • MFD Printer Support.

We provide printer support for the following issues:

  • Set-up and use of printer on a single PC.
  • Set-up and use of printer on multiple computers or over a network
  • Speed-up printing of day-to-day documents
  • Installation and use of multiple printers on the same
  • computer/network
  • General print commands are going to the incorrect printer
  • Prints are spotty, light or have horizontal lines
  • Fake messages for out-of-ink
  • Can't print over wireless or the speed is too slow
  • Fit more text per page to save paper and ink
  • Unbiased advice on purchasing a new printer/upgrading to another model

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