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System slowdown can be one of the most annoying experiences for those unaware of the inner workings of computers. The most troubling aspect of system slowdown is that it adds up gradually over time, which means it usually goes unnoticed for quite a while until the problem becomes obvious enough to grab your attention. System slowdown is the result of various separate events working collectively to bring even todayís most modern PCs to eventually crawl. These events are accumulation of superfluous data, gradual corruption of the operating system files and advancing technological standards, virus/spyware/adware infection, and daemon processes running in the background without your knowledge which is eating up your computerís available memory and giving you the impression that the system is not doing well and last but not the least registry errors.

Most home based users end up installing various software to fix this situation, which claim to be free at the start, but end up either further deteriorating the situation or trick the users into buying the software later in time. Some of the software being advertised as helping products may even be viruses/Trojans themselves and may cause more harm than good. How do you know what to do?

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